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1.) We would DO our best to fulfill the order(s) for customer(s)
所有订单我们会尽我们能力去完成 :

– During the buying process, we will notify stock availability and also arrange delivery for customers. (过程当中我们买到了会通知顾客,买到会通知顾客代不代到并且安排发货)
– The stock ordering period could be 4 or 5 weeks or even 7 weeks at the latest. (库存订购周期最迟可能是 4 或 5 周甚至 7 周)

2.) We DO try to give a refund due to following reasons:

– If we are unable to find the item(s) is/are in the specific of time (如果我们无法在特定时间找到货)
(You might opt for change to other models OR request for a refund)(您可以选择更换其他型号或要求退款)
– If the item(s) is/are missing during transit (如果货在运输过程中不见了)

3.) We DO NOT honor requests for the refund / cancellation due to following reasons:

– If the Shipment(s) is/are shipped out (如果货件已经运出)
– If the Shipping(s) is/are delayed (如果运输延误)
– If the Order(s) is/are placed (如果已经下订单)
– If the item(s) is/are confirmed to be purchasable (如果确认商品可购买)

4.) Final Consideration (最终考虑) 
***Please consider above refund policy carefully before place order with Evalyw.***
***请在向 Evalyw 下订单前仔细考虑上述退款政策。***

5.) Contact Us / 联系我们 :
If you have any question on our refund policy, kindly contact us at :

Email : [email protected]
Phone : +6010-255 0721
WeChat : evalim93
Telegram :
Facebook :

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