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Before placing an order, customers should pay attention to:

– We provide Daigou Services to the customer. (我们只是提供代购服务)
– We only responsible for checking whether the bags are damaged or not affecting the use, and then help customers to buy the item(s). (只是负责检查包包有没有明显的损坏影响使用然后帮顾客买下)
– The quality of bags such as handwork, handcraft, where they are made, and if the customer thinks that the texture has small flaws, please contact directly to the original outlet from oversea. (所有包包的品质,手工,五金,哪一个地方制作以及顾客觉得质感细小瑕疵问题,请顾客直接对店家)
– The size we provide is only for reference purposes, the actual size maybe difference 2 or 3cm, if you want to confirm the accuracy of the bag, please check online. (我们提供的size只作为参考,可能会相差2,3cm,若要准确确认请顾客网上查询)
– The photos are at different angles, and the light may affect the chromatic aberration. (照片在不同角度,光线可能都会影响色差问题)
– We buy according to the photos sent by the customer, and the chromatic aberration does not count. (我们根据顾客发的图去购买,色差问题没有承包)
– Take a photo/copy of the receipt. If you get the gift receipt, it will be returned. If not, take a photo of the receipt again. (单据拍照/复印,有拿到gift receipt会给回,没有拿到就拍照)
– The bags ordered online are not came with the paper bag. (online 订购的包包都没有配 paperbag)
– Bags with larger box may not be considered to bring the box back, and additional fees will be required. (盒子体积过大的包包可能不考虑带盒子回来,需要另补费用)
– Discounted models will not have a complete set of packaging. (打折款一律没有fullset包装)
– There are scratches on the bag with the naked eye, the hardware is discolored or oxidized, and the bag part has rubbing defects (but it does not affect the appearance) is totally normal for the visual thread to be crooked. (包包肉眼看到有刮痕,五金有花脱色还是氧化, 包包部分有磨蹭瑕疵(但不影响外观)视觉线头歪了都是正常)
– There must be no perfect counters before they are taken off the shelves and go to discount villages, so there is a considerable price difference. (打折款有的款式已经很久了肯定没有专柜那般完美才会下架去打折村,所以价格才有巨大差别)
– In addition, there must be some minor defects due to occasional friction in a rush to buy goods. (加上抢货偶尔摩擦小瑕疵一定有的)
– We can only select the ones that are closer to perfection, customers who cannot accept it should not place the order. (我们只能筛选比较接近完美,接受不了的顾客不要下单)
– After all the bags are sold, I will not respond to any questions about the defects. (所有包包在成交之后我不会回应任何关于瑕疵的问题哟)
– If you want to get “perfect” service, please travel to oversea outlet and buy the item(s) by yourself. (如果要得到完美和享受服务过于挑剔者请亲自到店内购买)

If you have any question on our purchase policy, kindly contact us at :

Email : [email protected]
Phone : +6010-255 0721
WeChat : evalim93
Telegram : https://t.me/evalyw
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/evalywmall/

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